“The revolution started in the early 80s. Enterprises placed terminals on their employees’ desks and enabled them to deal with relevant business data — online. We were among the pioneers who developed the first generation of such “interactive enterprise applications”.

We were there when PCs and emulators replaced dumb terminals, when everybody went client/server, when enterprise applications underwent the Y2K bypass surgery and struggled with “legacy migration” and “business process re-engineering” challenges. Then came SOA and Web-Services and finally — the tsunami of the Internet, browser-based interfaces, digital, cloud and mobile.

We have been taking an active role along these 35 years of evolution, providing enterprise application infrastructure tools and managing modernization projects of all kinds. We have been continuously observing how applications and technologies affect enterprises’ business.

We became experts:

  • We know enterprises, their business processes and operations.
  • We know modern as well as legacy applications and technologies.
  • We know how employees use enterprise applications.
  • Above all, we understand the influence of the user-interface on employee’s throughput and quality of work.

We invented Mosaics.”

Yuval Moneta, Founder and CEO