Mosaics® creates and executes a digital interface for core business processes and integrates it with existing legacy applications.

Mosaics’ benefits spread out over the entire application lifecycle. Its real focus, however, is operating costs reduction.

Disruptive Operating Costs Reduction?

Here is what Mosaics delivers for business:

  • 100% increase in throughput.
  • Near to zero data entry errors.
  • Drastic cut in training times.
  • Every human task is interchangeable with a built-in Robotic Process (“RPA”).
  • Business associates take an active role in the considered to be “too complex” core processes.

Hard to believe? 


Disruptive Operating Costs Reduction?

A twofold challenge:

  • Build a digital interface that lets users focus on the optimal way to perform their tasks, rather than spend their time dealing with data mapping.
  • Integrate the task-driven interface with the cumbersome yet irreplaceable legacy system and still end up doubling employees’ throughput.

Mosaics delivers where others fail.


Unmatched, Task-Driven Digital Interface

Mosaics generates the digital interface layer of core enterprise systems based on specs provided by business analysts:

  • Task-driven: Optimizes user tasks belonging to core business processes.
  • Human-centric: Conforms to a built-in UX design rulebook.
  • Unified facade: Different applications across an organization can now all have the same look and feel.

Complete, codeless, and executable digital interface replaces complex documents providing nothing but guidelines and instructions.

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Legacy Systems:
From a Burden into a Long-Term Asset

Mosaics takes control of the legacy application and provides an integration layer with the task-driven digital interface.

  • Following existing user journeys.
  • No legacy code analysis, restructuring, or wrapping.
  • No redundant development.
  • Ongoing development and maintenance are not disturbed.

It works. It is affordable.

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Cloud Ready

All processes can run in the cloud while sensitive business logic and databases remain on-premises.


Mobile and Apps Integration

Mosaics automatically generates a task-driven API (corresponds to the task-driven interface) accessible by any digital app or tool.