Digitalizing Core Business Processes

A virtual destination? A reality.

Digital Transformation. Operational Excellence. Legacy Modernization.

  • 3 top priority challenges. One solution.
  • Feasible. Low risk. Fast.

Digital-Interface Integrated with Legacy Code

Mosaics designs and generates a digital interface for core enterprise systems:

  • Task driven: optimizes user tasks belonging to core business-processes.
  • Human centric: conforms to its built-in UX design rulebook, ensuring unmatched user experience.

It then provides a disruptive way to integrate the interface with existing legacy code.

Task-Driven, Human-Centric Digital Interface

Where the real business value is

  • Are you satisfied with your organization’s operating costs?
  • Can business associates and customers take an active role in your organization’s core business processes?
  • How many of your current legacy modernization initiatives are really business-oriented rather than technology-driven?

The answer to these questions does not lie within your systems. It is about how users interact with them.

Think about it... Others haven't.

Over 30% Operating Cost Reduction

Based on a Real Case Study

Mosaics’ task-driven, human-centric digital interface increases throughput, reduces number of errors, eliminates redundant work, and shortens learning curve.

Actual measurements made by one of our clients, relating to one of its high volume user tasks:

  • Number of screens to visit: from 43 to 3.
  • Average duration: from 30 minutes to 6.
  • Error rate: from over 8% to less than 0.5%.
  • Training time: from weeks to less than 2 days.
  • Digital users perform their part by themselves: from no way to right away.

End-to-end implementation took 6 man-weeks. Legacy code remained unchanged.

Legacy Systems: from a Burden into a Long-Term Asset

Innovative User-Interface. Legacy Business Logic Remains Unchanged

Mosaics takes control of the legacy application and provides an integration layer that keeps the digital interface and the existing business-logic loosely coupled:

  • The digital interface can be optimally designed without any limitations imposed by the existing application or underlying technologies.
  • The legacy code can be invoked at any required granularity and execute any relevant part of the business task, exactly as originally designed.
  • Steps that do not require user discretion, run automatically without intervention (“behind the screens” robotic process automation).

It works. It is affordable. It is unique.

Cloud Ready

All processes can run in the cloud while sensitive business logic and databases remain on-premises.

Mobile Integration

Mosaics turns business-logic into task-oriented services, ready for a seamless integration with any digital app or tool.